Burns and her lesbian milf friend are out on a boating trip. They have the whole weekend among themselves to relax and indulge themselves with lots of lesbian action. On their first night they enjoyed drinking champagne and got out of hand when they all got hammered and started undressing and playing with their mature […]

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Here’s what happed, Burns was spending the weekend on a boating trip with her two lesbian milf best friends. It’s their well deserved break from their busy responsibilities as mature moms plus they needed to catch up on old times. Here they all went wild and rekindle their passion for hot lesbian sex by seducing […]

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Burns is a gorgeous lesbian milf who acts normal in front of her family and then enjoys going wild with her lesbian friends. Like in this milf movie update we feature this hot lesbian getaway with three lovely moms. Burn and her friends were out on a boating trip where they all enjoyed brandishing their […]

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Today’s update features another wild pussy pampering party with three smoking hot mature ladies. Burns was out on a weekend boating trip with her best friends. They would often go on trips like this to unwind and indulge themselves with lots of naked sunbathing, fishing and intensive lesbian milf threesome fucking by licking each other’s […]

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